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Weddings at Chino United Methodist Church

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Chino United Methodist Church (CUMC) is an intimate setting for a service of marriage. Our unique sanctuary is a place of worship where we affirm the worth and dignity of the human pilgrimage in relation to God. The wedding ceremony is a joyful time of worship when two people commit themselves to each other in love before God and in the presence of families and friends.

Although CUMC is in covenant with The United Methodist Church worldwide, and although The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (2012) proscribes “ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions” (paragraph 341.6), we are among a growing number of United Methodist Churches who choose to act as if these discriminatory references do not exist. Therefore, we do celebrate same-sex marriages and our clergy will perform such ceremonies.

Setting the Date

To schedule your wedding, please contact the church office to:

  • 1. See if your date is available.
  • 2. Schedule a meeting the pastor.
  • 3. Provide contact information.
  • 4. Confirm your date with non-refundable deposit of $250.

Our pastor considers it a privilege to be asked to perform this very important event in your life and will do all possible to assist you. It is expected that the currently appointed pastor at CUMC will officiate at the ceremony. If the bride and/or groom are affiliated with another United Methodist Church and wish to have another ordained United Methodist pastor conduct the ceremony, arrangements may be made by CUMC’s pastor to extend an invitation. If the couple is affiliated with another Christian church and wishes to have a non-Methodist pastor involved, prior approval by CUMC’s pastor must be obtained.

CUMC enlists the services of a wedding coordinator to assist you in the planning and events of the wedding day. Only CUMC’s coordinator may be used. An initial meeting with the coordinator is required. This allows the bridal couple the opportunity to discuss the specific details of your special ceremony. The meeting is usually held at least 2-3 weeks prior to the ceremony.

Chino United Methodist Church building outside

Building and Grounds

The sanctuary main floor holds 190 persons comfortably. Separate dressing areas are provided for the couple and their attendants. The church cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen articles. We urge you to place valuables in secured and locked areas. Leave gifts in the care of attendants.

Access is not permitted into areas of the building not reserved for the wedding. Our buildings and grounds are smoke- and alcohol-free. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to see that the members of the wedding party and guests are aware of the above information. A $250 damage deposit is required and if no damage occurs, will be promptly refunded.



The church organist plays for all weddings. Please discuss the participation of other musicians with our pastor before making any final arrangements with the musicians. Vocalists are to arrange a separate rehearsal with the organist who generally does not attend the wedding rehearsal. As a matter of courtesy, music (in the correct key) should be supplied to the organist at least one month prior to the wedding. Since copying sheet music without the permission of the publisher and/or composer is prohibited, all music used must be legally printed, not photocopied.

wedding photo from down the aisle


Most couples desire to have their wedding memorialized in photography. In order to maintain a spirit of reverence and worship, flash pictures are not permitted during the ceremony. Timed exposure shots can be taken from the balcony and outside aisles as long as no flash is used. The ceremony begins with the seating of parents and ends with the Recessional.

If the ceremony will be videotaped, the recorder may be set up in a stationary position in the balcony or choir loft. It is recommended the photographer/videographer visit the sanctuary prior to the ceremony at the time of day of the ceremony in order to plan acceptable locations and equipment needed.


The couple is responsible for making all floral arrangements with a florist of their choice. Delivery times should be scheduled with the wedding coordinator. Flower girls may drop dried flower petals such as potpourri during the ceremony. Fresh petals may be used if a runner is placed over the aisle carpet. A pair of standing candelabras, a unity candelabrum, a pair of single taper holders, two plant holders and a kneeling bench are available for use. Candles are not supplied.

the Rose stained glass window


A detailed rehearsal helps assure a dignified and beautiful ceremony. Careful planning is the key to a smooth rehearsal. The wedding coordinator will help you schedule your time and outline details. Impress upon the wedding party that attendance and punctuality are mandatory. The customary rehearsal date is 24-48 hours prior to the ceremony.

The church organist generally does not attend the rehearsal. If requested, the organist may attend for an additional fee of $50. As noted in the Music section, vocalists should make all arrangements with the organist for a separate rehearsal and for providing the music, if necessary.


Wedding Package Total Fee = $1000

This includes:

close up shot a ring exchange
  • Rental of Sanctuary for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Officiating Pastor
  • CUMC Wedding Coordinator
  • CUMC Organist/Pianist

A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your wedding date.

The remaining balance ($750) is due no later than 60 days prior to your date. If the final payment is not received by that time, CUMC reserves the right to release your date.

We hope that you will consider CUMC for your wedding!